Friday, December 17, 2010

Reflective Blog Entry

Being in the DLC has really changed me. I have grown from what I was a year ago to someone who actually feels prepared for the highly technological future. I am beginning to notice how much of a perfectionist I am, and that this is not always a good thing. I am so proud of myself, though. I had never thought that I could learn so much about technology and the old, current, and future world so quickly. I have learned more this year in tech than I have in my seven years of elementary school! To achieve success, though, you have to face challenge. The main challenge in this year for me was definitely the “Thematic Causes of the Civil War” digitally narrated product. It wasn’t that the project itself was hard, but that I made it hard for myself. I remember staying up all throughout the night, just to discover that I had done something that I didn’t even need to do! This project was challenging because of my horrible time management. This was also my favorite project, just because of the way it turned out. The product looked really nice. I also loved how my second Stephen Crane product, a poem with a Ken Burns movie to go with it, turned out. My entire class could not believe that I wrote the poem (in a good way) because it was so dark and sad, the opposite of me. I hope that in the second semester I will manage my time better. This will take a LOT of work, though. I will need to accept the fact that not everything can be perfect. Project wise, I hope that we can do something like make the plays that we are making for Ms. Binder into a presentation. We could create our own characters and script and make the play look spectacular! The great thing about this idea is that we could do things that we would not be able to do on a stage.


  1. I really like your post, your post sounds kind of like how I was in the DLC in the beginning of the year, I wasn't that good with technology and I don't have good time management either. Even though, you say that you are finally figuring out that your a perfectionist,(don't take this offensive) but you have always been a perfectionist and a good leader the whole year in the DLC.

  2. I definitely agree with you about how in all of elementary school, you could never learn as much as you have this year. You said that you realized that you are a perfectionist, and you seemed like you were regretting that. I think you are right that sometimes being a perfectionist isn't the best thing. However, you have definitely been able to use that to your advantage the whole year, and will be just a successful during the second semester.

  3. I really know how you feel with time management. When I'm at home i always spend either too much time or too little time on a project. I need to find a nice balance. Also, I definitely fell the way you do with technology. We've both come so far since the beginning of the year.

  4. I think that you shouldn't be so hard on yourself. I know that it really frustrates me. I also think that you will be able to master your time. You should use a calendar.

  5. @Kiana

    I felt clueless and oblivious for some of my life with technology. However, after one semester in the DLC, I feel prepared for future technological software too. I am shocked at how anyone, much less myself, could wrap around such complex thinking in only the seventh-grade. It is astonishing, and everyone should be proud of that. :)

    Ms. Bailin always says that a perfectionist, (like herself), that uses her qualities in a positive way and DOESN'T effect other people negatively, is a good thing. However, if you allow your perfectionism to get in the way, and subtract from a project, it is not always a good thing. From what I have heard and noticed about you, you DON'T effect people negatively. Unless I'm mistaking, I think that your perfectionism is quite the advantage on your part. Can you think of any times when it worked to your advantage (other than your favorite projects)?

    The Causes project was a challenge for almost everyone, if not everyone. This is because 1: Ms. Bailin mentions that "dip" in 2nd quarter where students struggle with keeping their grades high because of the time off. And 2: Because like any other DLC project, it isn't gonna be easy. :)

    Time management obviously would have helped in any sort of project we've done. However, you weren't the same person during that project then you are now, and without that experience, you might not have recognized the clear need for better time management. This sort of leads me to that "everything happens for a reason" speech, but I hope it got my point across.... :)

    Also, despite your lack of time management, (which really didn't affect you in the end), you managed to pull off a fabulous product! You should not only be proud of trying your best on it and working really hard, but also the fact that you did it all, even with the obstacle of time! That is certainly something that is very necessary for this fast-paced world.

    Are you planning to do something to improve your time management skills? Such as setting time limits on certain things? or even a bed time?

    All of your projects have been outstanding and exceptional! I think that you definitely raised the bar in DLC, even for the other All Stars (yes, it is clear you are one of them :)).

    Being a perfectionist myself, I find it hard to accept anything less than perfect too. During seventh-grade and DLC, I have learned that sometimes you need to just let go of things. I try to calm myself down if I am feeling any negative emotion (frustration, disappointment, anger, etc.), and I take deep breaths, think happy thoughts, and I can then move on. :) How do you handle situations that give you negative emotions?

    Your idea with animating the plays is AWESOME! It would be very exciting to see what people would do for it. :)


  6. @ Elizabeth

    My perfectionism is definitely something that has gotten me great products. For example, my Thematic Causes of the Civil War DNP was FABULOUS! It looked...well, perfect. I am always so proud of myself when I have a great product outcome. The only problem with me is that I go too far.

    One night I worked on my Vicksburg Brochure for hours, and then the next day, it was ALL gone. I had a breakdown. You would never have guessed that I was the cheerful, bubbly Kiana that you know so well. I barely even know the "dark" and "gloomy" and "sad mental breakdown" me. The next day I came to school with my brochure in a state of.."perfection". I would have been fine without having a "perfect" brochure. This was not one of my prouder moments. I needed to just relax. So, I had to take a nap in class. I am still disappointed that I let perfection take over my personality and soul how I know it to be- happy. I wasn't myself.

    Yes, my projects are good. Yes, I am proud of my grades on them. But it wasn't the correct price to pay. Elizabeth- PLEASE- take this a word of advice. Try to NEVER let your perfectionism take over your focused, cheerful personality. I am currently getting better at this myself. I am climbing out of the hole that I dug. Yes, perfectionism can be a good thing, but the truth is that I HAVE used it negatively, once before. And I will try my hardest to NEVER make that mistake again.

    The thing that was bad with making my Thematic Causes project was my atrocious time management. In fact, Ms. Bailin is currently helping me with this when I review the Civil War by restricting me to reviewing it for only 30 minutes each night. What I do to fulfill this is that I am setting a timer on my computer for six minutes for, usually, five topics. My bed time is as soon as I can get ready and go to bed. I am in many extra curricular activities and have a lot of homework each night. I try to get my work done as soon as possible, but i hate procrastination so I end up doing things to help me in the future. I find myself asking, "Where is the future when I need it most????". I am taking baby steps to improving my time management.

    How do I handle situations that give me negative emotions? Well, I never want to make the same mistake that I did on the brochure crisis, so I am also taking baby steps to never do this again. By managing my time better, I will (hopefully) never do this again.

    Thank you for your truly heartfelt post and for making me open up to myself. With your inquisitive questions, I have learned new things about myself.

    :) Kiana (:

  7. @ Alec

    I would never have guessed that you don't have great time management! Thank you for the comment about me being a leader.
    What I meant by just now figuring out that I am a perfectionist, I meant from Elementary School. I didn't know back then that I wanted everything so perfect. Maybe it was because I wasn't pushed as much as I am this year.


    Thank you for saying that I was able to use perfectionism to my advantage. This is true for the outcome of many of my projects. I am just not proud (and I know you brought this up) of the negative aspects that perfectionism brings and how it affects me so much. If you want to know more about this, take a look at my post "@Elizabeth".

    :) Kiana (: